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Synapticon provides ultra-compact, high-performance servo drive technology for the age of robotics.
Leveraging Synapticon products and services, robot and machinery OEMs increase the integration and power density of their motion designs and unleash new synergies for cost reduction.
Embeddable, powerful & super-efficient

Servo Drives

Electric drives are the foundation of robotics and machinery. Sensor data is what fuels the cutting edge of robotics and machinery. Synapticon’s smart sensor-driven control software and advanced power electronics increase the performance and lower the cost of high-performance servo drives and electromechanics. Meet SOMANET: Your next robotic vision has just come a big step closer.

> SOMANET Servo Drives
> SOMANET Servo Cores
> SOMANET Safe Motion Module
> SOMANET Encoders

Compact & application-tailored

Integrated Axes

The performance of a motion axis is getting as good as the software of the servo drive is able to perceive, to understand and to control the physics of motors, gearboxes and the driven load through sensor data. With ACTILINK Motion Node integrated servo motors, Synapticon is leveraging its deep knowledge about the specifics of the electro-mechanic components of motion axes into perfectly adjusted, integrated drive products for decentral motion architectures.

> ACTILINK Integrated Servo Motors

Modern, flexible & high-performance

Motion Software

In a world where robots are quickly becoming a commodity, robots should be programmable by anyone, without prior technical knowledge. MOTORCORTEX Robot is therefore designed to provide a simple and easy to use User Experience, where all complexity is hidden inside the powerful MOTORCORTEX Motion Control Core.

> MOTORCORTEX Robot Motion Control Suite


  • Synapticon is filling a critical gap in modern robotic control system technology. Flexibility, performance and plug & play experience have never been as close in a single solution.

    Ulrich Reiser
    Lead Researcher, Fraunhofer IPA
  • Nothing compares to Synapticon’s modular drive & IO solution when speed, performance and flexibility are needed at the same time. It enables us to quickly respond to a lot of client’s special request.

    Mike Mayer
    Unit Manager Technical Sales, Schunk


  • Decentralized drives & control intelligence: less cables, no cabinets
  • Sensor-driven control: High performance with economic hardware
  • One stop shop: A complete robotic control system from one source
  • Time-to-market: Seamless support from prototype to mass product


Synapticon's technology is enabling the world of robotics

Traditional Robot Arms

Collaborative Robot Arms

Mobile Industrial AGV in Warehouse

Professional Service Robots and AGVs

Advanced Machinery

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