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Synapticon provides a comprehensive, world-leading portfolio of technologies and products in the area of industrial motion control. Being the only software-first servo drive company, Synapticon sees servo drives as the gateways between the virtual and the real world. It’s sensors and drives that turn a computer into a robot. Based on key proprietary technologies, Synapticon offers the most compact, fully self-contained, most efficient and easy-to-use performance servo drives for decentral system architectures and unparalleled solutions for the integration of drives inside motion axes.
Synapticon Technology Overview


Synapticon‘s approach is to lower the cost of mechanical hardware by controlling quality-influencing physical factors in software. The basic principle of this is to combine the computation of advanced models of the physics of a drive, such as the characteristics of the motor, the attached load, incl. factors such as backlash of the reducer, with high-resolution and high-speed sensing of corresponding physical metrics. This way, Synapticon‘s motion technology is able to substantially improve the performance and quality, from eliminating unwanted disturbing torque effects of low-cost motors to virtually adjusting the backlash of imprecise gearboxes.


Synapticon SOMANET Servo Cores are based on xCore and ARM processor architectures and offer 8 to 32 programmable 32bit RISC cores per chip, which communicate through a high-speed real-time processor bus. This highly parallel, hard real-time architecture, combined with a broad range of SOMANET Soft IP Blocks, enables to integrate dedicated industrial communication, sensor data acquisition and motor control in a single device. Using SOMANET Servo Cores, a board design can be easily scaled by adding more instances of an application to a System-on-Chip, for example multiple motor controllers. If more resources are required than a single device can offer, multiple devices can be connected through xConnect interface technology. Learn more about the xCore architecture from our technology partner XMOS


Rapidly start building your machine with ACTILINK Motion Nodes, realize custom motion control systems with SOMANET Servo Drives and design your cost-optimized series product using SOMANET Servo Cores. With Synapticon’s Integrated Motion Platform, the formerly long, multi-phase process from early conceptual R&D until mass production becomes a seamless flow.

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Synapticon is a born ROS community member and early supporter of ROS Industrial, ROS for Products and, as a result, ROS 2 efforts. We consider ROS the lubricant for most robotic innovations since 2010 and the glueware for a continously growing number of robotic end-products. Synapticon SOMANET and ACTILINK motion control and drive products are ROS compatible.


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