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Commissioning and tuning suite for SOMANET servo drives and Integrated Motion Devices

Servo Drive Commissioning Software

Servo Drive Commissioning must be as easy as setting up your smartphone. Set up and test your motor, encoder and fieldbus without reading tons of documentation. Tune and test your motion performance supported by automated tuning functions. Once routined, the expert interface provides quick and direct access to all parameters.

 Easy set up 

Connected with a single EtherCAT cable. Installation and update of firmware on multiple devices simultaneously.


Guided and expert mode setup process. Advanced troubleshooting and indication of solutions.


Automatic motion controller tuning. Intuitive user interface offering a multitude of tuning functions.


Operate the drive in Torque, Speed or Position mode without running your motion application.


Only 5 easy steps – and your servo drive is set up and your motor turns! Here is a quick walkthrough of Synapticons unparalleled setup wizard in OBLAC Drives, the free commissioning and tuning software suite for servo drives.

Best practice: Use the OBLAC DRIVES BOX

OBLAC Drives Box is a physical machine that comes preinstalled with Linux OS and runs OBLAC Drives and the related services. It supports access over WiFi or local area network.

Learn how it works here

Tuning and control on the same cable

Any number of SOMANET nodes can be connected to the PC running OBLAC Drive Tools using a single fieldbus cable. The firmware of each node can be installed or updated individually or simultaneously.


Smart Wizards – Up and running in no time

The wizard guides the user through the setup and offers advanced troubleshooting. It recognizes configuration errors during configuration by systematic user interaction and logical analysis and indicates possible solutions. Fine-tuning electric motors becomes a breeze with a highly sophisticated and intuitive user interface offering a multitude of tuning functions and graphical evaluation options.


Auto-Tuning – Safe and easy

Automatic motion controller tuning based system identification and dominant pole placement, ensures robust control at a press of a button. Operating in a very limited motion range it prevents any damage on your equipment and provides a safe set of parameters to return to any time.


Here are some tutorials for first steps in OBLAC Drive Tools that illustrate how user-friendly OBLAC Drive Tools are.

OBLAC Dashboard

OBLAC Update

Setup Wizard

Playground – Shortcut to motion experiments

Test and evaluate your system without setting up and running a motion application. Operate the drive in Torque, Speed and Position mode and evaluate the performance using advanced scope features like math, triggers, recording and more.


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