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The MOTORCORTEX Motion Control Suite is a highly innovative, fully featured high-performance motion control software suite, including a robot arm control and programming solution. The MOTORCORTEX Robot UI has a focus on collaborative robotics, but can be used for any multi-axis kinematics. MOTORCORTEX is a vast standard software stack that runs on a broad range of industrial and embedded computers, and is individually configured for a given OEM product.


MOTORCORTEX is a hard-real-time Linux-based Control System for high-end industrial applications. It provides real-time control of industrial hardware over EtherCAT and a very high-performance communication layer to higher level applications, such as a User Interface or Data Analysis Tools.

MOTORCORTEX allows high-speed streaming communication directly to the webbrowser (without an intermediate server), which is a game-changer in industry. It is now possible to build highly-responsive web-applications for extremely smooth interaction with machines.

MOTORCORTEX has open API’s for all major languages like Javascript, Python and C++. This offers much more freedom than current industrial control systems and allows true Industry 4.0 applications with only a few lines of code. Communication to legacy PLC systems is supported through OPC-UA.

Communication with MOTORCORTEX is as easy as setting up a simple webpage. With a few lines of Javascript code you can connect to your machine directly and securely from any Webbrowser and exchange data at blazing speeds. No other industrial communication system is as easy to setup. MOTORCORTEX-based Applications are already setup to share all their data automatically in the Realtime-Database, so external applications or services can access the data.



MOTORCORTEX Robot is a complete application suite for any type of robot. Both Serial Mechanisms (e.g. Anthropomorphic, Scara) as well as Parallel Mechanisms (Hexapods, Delta-robots) are supported. Features include:

  • Path planning (cartesian motion, joint motion)
  • Forward and inverse Kinematics and Dynamics
  • Motion Programming Language (move commands, set , get , math operators, unlimited variables, flow control (loop, if), triggers)
  • User interface (browser-based), so it can run on any modern multi-touch tablet or laptop
  • Manual Control (Smooth Jogging)
  • Compliance mode (for suitable robot hardware)
  • Collision Detection
  • Moving Reference Frames (for operation on for instance a conveyor belt)
  • Toolchanging
  • Palletizing Wizard
  • Motorcortex open data interface (all robot internal data is available through API)
  • Data Streaming interface (option), to stream setpoint data in realtime to the robot
MOTORCORTEX all options

MOTORCORTEX Robot is Industry 4.0 from the ground up. It controls this robot in hard-realtime and is fully user-programmable. The MOTORCORTEX Motion Control Core makes sure that all the robot internal data is distributed at high speeds to connected clients. The screen in the background shows the MOTORCORTEX Robot user interface. The tablet in the foreground shows a dashboard created with MOTORCORTEX Vis and is now showing real-time power consumption of each axes individually and the overall power consumption.

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