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Using FLASH SPI Pads to flash the core c22

Home Forums SOMANET Hardware Core Modules Using FLASH SPI Pads to flash the core c22

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    I want to load a program into the flash memory using FLASH SPI Pads on the Core C22. But I couldn’t find any related documentation on it. Can anyone help me do that?

    Thank you




    Hi Moloy,

    those pins are meant for serial production flashing. They are not meant for a firmware update or user applications. That’s why there is no open documentation for that.

    May I ask you why you are interested in that? Maybe we can offer an alternative solution for your application.




    Hi Slava,

    We are currently using Core C22 boards on multiple products and we want a faster way to flash code. The firmware upgrade mechanism using the libflash API is tricky because it requires code to be running on the board. In a way the board has to upgrade itself. (irrespective of the protocol of transfer – ethernet, uart, etc.)

    I’m looking for a more direct access to the memory for our use case.

    When you say serial production, what changes? I understand the object file made using xflash -o option cannot be used directly. Maybe some bootloader, etc. is also needed? Could you direct us to some documentation on how to use these SPI flash pads to load an xe file?





    Hi Prasana,

    just wanted to update you that we have a fail-safe firmware update via UART now. Please let me know if that would be also an option for you.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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