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Question about accessing the IFM's ADC

Home Forums SOMANET Hardware Drive Modules Question about accessing the IFM's ADC

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    Dear Synapticon community,
    I like to extend our current motor controllers with the features of detecting motor power cut-off (emergency stop) and over-current detection (better: current limiting).

    Following up on Slava’s comment, I took a closer look at the ADC on the IFM boards and the module_adc from the sncn motor control library.

    In order to implement the above features, I like to ask a few questions:

    1. Based on the function names inside the ADC module, I’m assuming the used ADC is the Analog Devices AD7949. Is that correct?
    2. For the IFM DC 300 the block diagram shows that both current sensors as well as the GPIO-A connector’s 4 analog inputs are connected to this multi-channel ADC. From the comments of the client function get_adc_all_ad7949 I’m assuming the Ia and Ib phase currents are coming from the phase 2 & 3 current sensors, but then I’m wondering where one would get the values from the analog inputs from. So, how would I get all the values of the inputs connected to this ADC?
    3. Last, but not least: Does anyone have suggestions how to best implement a current limiting feature using the standard modules provided by Synapticon?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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