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EtherCAT module over SPI

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    I’m making an adapter board that is specific to my application and I’m using the SOMANET COM EtherCAT board for communication. I need to communicate with the SOMANET COM EtherCAT board over SPI but I’m having difficulty identifying the ET1100 SPI signals as mapped to the COM connector.

    This is what I have so far: On the ET1100 in SPI mode the PDI pins are mapped as followed:

    PDI[0] –> SPI_CLK
    PDI[1]  –> SPI_SEL
    PDI[2]  –> SPI_DI
    PDI[3]  –> SPI_DO
    PDI[4]  –> SPI_IRQ
    PDI[5] –> No Connect

    On the ET1100 in 16-bit uC interface mode, the PDI pins are mapped as:

    PDI[0] –> CS
    PDI[1]  –> TS
    PDI[2]  –> RD/nWR
    PDI[3]  –> TA
    PDI[4]  –> IRQ
    PDI[5] –> BHE

    However, I haven’t been able to map the SOMANET COM EtherCAT pinout with the SPI pinout above. The non-data[*] or adr[*] pins on the EtherCAT module are the following. Which of these do I use as the SPI signals? Is IRQn mapped to SPI_IRQ?

    10 X0D24 P1I0 IRQn
    14 X0D22 P1G0 SYNC[0]
    58 X0D23 P1H0 SYNC[1]
    18 X0D13 P1F0 RESET_N
    34 X0D25 P1J0 BUSYn
    40 X0D35 P1L0 RDn
    50 X0D34 P1K0 WRn
    70 X0D36 P8D0 CSn
    80 CLK_25M P1E0 OSC_IN



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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