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error running app_demo_slave_ethercat_motorcontrol

Home Forums Synapticon/XMOS Motor & Motion Control Kit (EtherCAT) error running app_demo_slave_ethercat_motorcontrol

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    1 app_demo_slave_ethercat_motorcontrol color=brown]sw_sncn_motorcontrol_ethercat_kit – 1.1.1rc3[/color
    2 /etc/init.d/ethercat start
    3 app_demo_master_cyclic_position_2_nodes color=brown]sw_sncn_motorcontrol_ethercat_kit – 1.1.1rc3[/color

    after above three steps, i got some error msgs from 'app_demo_slave_ethercat_motorcontrol'
    as following(module_ethercat/ethercat.xc):

    Read Mailbox SyncM: 0
    Mailbox address and size:
    Error length in mailbox header is too large: 0xA6F6
    found unknown package: A

    by checking wireshark packages, these errors were caused by  ecat.ado==0x1000
    Attachment is wireshark screen

    how to correct these error?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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