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Enable-Disable Control

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    In my application, I need to enable-disable the control of the motor frequently (in order to be able to move it freely). Currently, during operation I am using successively the functions “enable” and ” shutdown”, but I see some strange behaviour, and I am not sure this is the best approach.

    What is your advice to make this enable-disable. Am I using the good approach. Should I use direclty the controlword ?….

    Thank you





    do you need to enable/disable via EtherCAT from the master side or on the stack itself? What strange behavior do you see?




    Indeed, I want to enable/disable from the Master ( I have implemented ROS nodes to make the interface). That allows me to be able to move by hand the actuator when it is disabled.

    To make this, I just run:

    set_operation_mode(CSP, NODE_1, &master_setup, slv_handles, TOTAL_NUM_OF_SLAVES);
    enable_operation(NODE_1, &master_setup, slv_handles, TOTAL_NUM_OF_SLAVES);

    when I want to enable the drive, and:

    shutdown_operation(CSP, NODE_1, &master_setup, slv_handles,TOTAL_NUM_OF_SLAVES);

    when I want to disable the drive.

    Most of the time this is working well. Mainly if I enable/disable quickly when I start the board some feedback values can be wrong.

    I would just now if this way to do is ok or if I should do it another way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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