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Cannot use TwinCAT to read object dictionary

Home Forums Synapticon/XMOS Motor & Motion Control Kit (EtherCAT) Cannot use TwinCAT to read object dictionary

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    We want to get the object dictionary from SOMANET via Beckhoff TwinCAT 2, but can’t read out the info whose index begins with 0x6000.

    – when click the “CoE-Online” in the TwinCAT software, it will try to read the object index 0x1000 first, but failed. If failed, the TwinCAT can’t read other info any more.
    – add debug print info in the ethercat.xc “case SYNCM_MAILBOX_MODE_WRITE”, canod.xc “canod_get_entry” and coe.xc “sdo_request”, the firmware does read the correct value from the SDO_Info_Entries,  and does call the ecat_mbox_packet_send to send out the response to EtherCAT bus.
    – TwinCAT can read out some info correctly, such as Vendor ID, Serial Number, RxPDO Mapping, TxPDO Mapping, but seems these info are read from the EtherCAT EEPROM, not from the firmware? Because I didn’t see the info being read out from the debug print message.
    BTW, I also tried to use the Linux EtherCAT master driver to read, but none of the “ethercat xxx” command could be useful. “ethercat pdos” can just read out the RxPDO Mapping and TxPDO Mapping.

    Could you please help to give some advices on how to read out the all the info from the canod.xc using TwinCAT?
    And could you please tell me what the relationship between the object dictionary stored in the EtherCAT EEPROM and the firmware?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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