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[SOLVED] Cannot build demo project

Home Forums Synapticon/XMOS Motor & Motion Control Kit (EtherCAT) [SOLVED] Cannot build demo project

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    I’ve followed the instructions for installing xTimeComposer 13, installed the platform definition files and imported SOMANTEC OS. However, if I select the app_demo_slave_ethercat_motorcontrol project and build it I get an error:

    **** Build of configuration Debug for project app_demo_slave_ethercat_motorcontrol ****

    xmake CONFIG=Debug all
    C:/Program Files (x86)/XMOS/xTIMEcomposer/Community_13.2.3/build/xcommon/module_xcommon/build/../build/Makefile.common1:598: *** Multiple copies of config found: /@@@@C@@@@/Users/Stephen!!!!Richmond/Documents/Bombardier/RobotDrive/Synapticon/SOMANET-OS/sw_sncn_motorcontrol/motor_config /@@@@C@@@@/Users/Stephen!!!!Richmond/Documents/Bombardier/RobotDrive/Synapticon/SOMANET-OS/sw_sncn_motorcontrol_ethercat_kit/config. Stop.
    xmake: *** [bin/Debug/demo-slave-ethercat-motorcontrol_Debug.xe] Error 2


    It seems to not like seeing 2 copies of bldc_motor_config.h in 2 separate places.

    Any advice on this much appreciated. Note that I’ve little experience in CC .




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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