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Behaviour when switching on the boards

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    I am using the slave motor control ethercat example on a IFM100 connected to a brushless motor. When I switch on the boards, before sending any configuration, the power stage of the IFM is enabled and the motor is blocked in position. To allow the free the motor, I need to make an enable-shutdown process. Is there any adaptation that can be make to have the motor not powered when we switch on the power of the board stack ?

    Thank you




    we are currently concentrating on a new implementation of ethercat drive application. But the behaviour you are describing is not an intended behaviour. Were there some software adaptation taking place before?

    To help you for this current solution I’d recommend you to find the part of the code in module_ethercat_drive in which state you appear when just power on the nodes and include there the following client interface call:


    It disables the MOSFETs and the motor should be freed.



    Thank you for the advice.

    The solution seems to work. I have added “i_commutation.set_fets_state(0);” before the “while(1)” in ethercat_drive.c. (i_commutation was the variable associated with the motor control service)

    I have also understood that this function is responsible for the setting of the parameters when configuring the node. Do you think there would be any trouble to modify this to write by hand the motor parameters to avoid the initial ethercat configuration process ?

    Thank you



    By default the parameters are compiled with the local configuration file. If you have identical motors on all axes or you are fine maintaining different firmwares, then you can disable sending configurations form the master and adapt the internal state machine to skip parameters update. But I cannot guide you within the forum support how to do it, it is just not simple one line change. In the upcoming software this update happens instantaneously.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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