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    I am starting a new project and installed from scratch the software tools and libraries (base, ethercat and motor control). I followed the steps provided in the tutorials of the wiki. In the past I was compiling two different softwares that are the master side (master_demo) and the slave side (slave_demo).

    With the new projects (version 3.0.0), it is not clear to me which projects correspond to Master and Slave side. Also, do these project implement ethercat communication. Before we had something like <code class=”docutils literal”>app_demo_slave_ethercat_motorcontrol

    My goal is to flash the board with a slave controler managing Ethercat and compile a master code to run in terminal and test. Could you clarify mw which project I need to compile and start.

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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