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ADC Access through Ethercat

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    My aim is to have access to the two external ADC values from EtherCAT, by replacing the velocity and torque signal with these values. I have the code to read the ADCs on the chip and a previous example to send GPIO through EtherCAT. I don’t think the provided example give a direct example of measuring and sending the ADC through EtherCAT. I guess I need to transfer the values between the ” threads” do you have some suggestions or a link to an existing example ?

    Thank you




    After some tests, here is my current workaround:

    • Updating the “ethercat_drive_service” module to add the adc interface to the ethercat drive service
    • in the “read position” section, read the ADC values and replace the actual velocity and the actual torque writing.

    I had a quick look to change the list of PDOs transferred, but I have the feeling it requires a lot of changes. I hope it will be possible to transfer all inputs values (GPIO, ADC, temperature, user defined) through EtherCAT with the new release.




    Hi Pierre,

    what you did would be also the recommendation from my side. Yes, in the new release we introduced already five user-defined PDOs (RX and TX).



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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