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Reduce cabinet complexity and cost. Simplify engineering and maintenance. The SOMANET solution for Integrated Servo Motors brings the benefits of Synapticon’s SOMANET servo drives into ready-to-use components for advanced machine builders. Highest efficiency enables for minimal derating and high power output, filling a critical gap in the world of integrated servo motors.


The SOMANET solution describes integrated servo motors which are built by various motor manufacturers and automation platform vendors based on SOMANET ultra-compact, high-performance servo drives.

The high level of motion performance, advanced motion control features and disturbance rejection algorithms of SOMANET make these integrated servo motors an option for demanding applications. The motors are compatible with any EtherCAT controller that supports DS402, for example Beckhoff TwinCAT, CODESYS or MOTORCORTEX provided by Synapticon. 

Stop spending time selecting and testing numerous combinations of gears, motors, brakes, encoders and drives. Stop the hassle of cabinet engineering. Meet your turn-key solution for machinery, logistics and AGV/AMR.


Highest power density

Enabling integrated motors from 100W to 1.5kW, the SOMANET solution fills a critical gap in the integrated motor landscape

Minimal derating

Synapticon’s efficiency technologies ensure low heat dissipation, boosts the continuous power and torque output

Simple integration

Prepared mounting and heat management design, engineering guidance as well as connector interface modules provided

Maximum motion performance

Synapticon SOMANET servo drives respond to the highest demand for motion control performance – now available for your integrated motor product


Synapticon´s Integrated Servo Motors can be run with any EtherCAT motion control software that supports the CiA 402 Drive Specification, as for example TwinCAT, CoDeSys or MOTORCORTEX. Commissioning and tuning are done using the extremely easy to use Synapticon OBLAC Drive Tools, that can be installed on PC or are available in the handy OBLAC Drives Box.


  • Robot Arms
  • Mobile Robots & AGVs
  • Packaging
  • 2D & 3D Printing
  • Material Working
  • Textile
  • Food & Beverage
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Semiconductor

Featured products

TUAKA – precision actuator (Drive)

TUAKA offers a fully integrated actuator including a powerful driver

As an option the product can be configured with a torque sensor as well as with a second encoder on the output. With all options the size remains. Additional safety features are also available with a safety-level up to SIL3 PL-e

  • 3 sizes
  • High stiffness
  • Lost Motion 1,0 arcmin
  • Transmission error 0,75 arcmin
  • Max. output speed up to 123 U/min
  • Supply voltage 48 V


Lost Motion < 1 arcmin
Sizes 3
Reduction Ratios 50:1 80:1 100:1
Rated output torque 21 – 67 Nm (at n1 = 2.000 rpm)
Peak output torque 44 – 157 Nm
Max. rotation output speed Up to 123 U/min
Rated power consumption Up to 391 W
Max. power consumption Up to 1453 W
Supply voltage 48 V
Communication interface EtherCAT, DS402, CoE, FoE, FSoE
(up to 4kHz cycle frequency)
Encoder resolution

Input: up to 20-bit (absolute)
Output: up to 20-bit (absolute)

Standard Safety functions STO/SBC according to SIL 3 PL-e cat.3
Extended safety functions FSoE, STO, SBC, SS1/2, SOS, SMS, 4x SLS, safe process data (speed, position), 2x safe digital inputs, 1x safe digital output (OSSD), 1x safe analogue input (not in combination with integrated torque sensor)

Heidrive HMDi Motor

Heidrive’s HMDi series features premium, high-performance servo motors at 24 or 48V with 60 and 80mm flange size. The product line is offered as a complete system comprising the integrated motors itself, various gearing options and cabling.


Instantly ready
Pre-commissioned solution and automatic control loop tuning

Highest power density
Most compact design with significantly higher torque output

Fits your application
Wide range of motor sizes, encoders and gears available

Certified safety functions
STO and SBC (Safe Brake Control) via 24 V input, SIL 3 PL e (Cat. 3)


Different torque and speed ratings as well as several feature sets
(encoders, brakes) are available.
The following table specifies a few example configurations.


Motor HMD06-015-048-30 HMD06-020-048-30 HMD08-035-048-30
Bus Interface EtherCAT (CiA 402)
Modes of operation CSP, CSV, CST, PP, PV, PT, Homing
Encoder options Absolute single-turn and multi-turn
Safety functions STO and SBC [1] (SIL3, PL e)
IP rating 65
Rated Supply Voltage (VDC) 12…48
Maximum Supply Voltage (VDC) 60
Operating temperature -10 OC…40 OC (without derating)
Compliance and certificates CE, UL (pending), TÜV (Functional Safety)
Nominal Speed [rpm] 3000 3000 3000
Max speed [rpm] 6400 6400 6000
Ambient temperature [Tu] 20°C 40°C 20°C 40°C 20°C 40°C
Nominal torque [Nm] 1.1 0.9 1.4 1.1 2.8 2.4
Continuous Stall torque [Nm] 1.2 0.9 1.5 1.1 2.8 2.3
Peak torque [Nm] 3.8 3.8 4.9 4.9 6.6 6.6
Nominal current DC [A] 9 8.2 12 9.9 22 17.7
Peak current DC [A] 38 45 50
Max contin. power [W] 430 (at 3750 rpm) 503 (at 3750 rpm) 1100 (at 4000 rpm)

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