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Synapticon SOMANET Servo Cores integrate dedicated industrial communication, sensor data acquisition and motor control in a single device. Being based on xCore and ARM processor architectures, the devices offer highly parallel, hard real-time processor cores that are the foundation for Synapticons advanced motor control algorithms. Using SOMANET Servo Cores, Synapticon provides a quick and reliable path to custom servo drive designs.

SOMANET Servo Cores support all PMSM / Synchronous AC / BLDC motors and feature an EtherCAT interface with CiA 402 DS protocol. Upon request, SOMANET Cores can support standard Ethernet, CAN, PROFINET, SERCOS III, EtherNet/IP, Brushed DC motors and other custom extensions.

Utilize the core component of SOMANET Servo Nodes for a fast path to your custom servo drive design

Synapticon’s proprietary control technologies, such as Model-predictive Field-oriented Control, allow a low heat dissipation of the drives while keeping up high motion control frequencies, which are needed by precision robotics. Advanced disturbance compensation for sensor noise, non-linearity and torque ripple enable high quality motion even with medium to low cost motors and sensors.

All functions of SOMANET Servo Nodes can be configured and tuned with OBLAC Tools, a simple to use yet powerful commissioning and motion tuning tool.

In conjunction with the SOMANET Safe Motion Module , SOMANET Servo Cores allow for SIL3 PLe level safe motion functions over FSoE (FailSafe over EtherCAT).

Architecture: an RTOS in hardware

Synapticon SOMANET Servo Cores are based on xCore and ARM processor architectures and offer 8 to 32 programmable 32bit RISC cores per chip, each featuring a clock rate between 62.5 and 500 MHz, depending on the utilization. All cores are interconnected through a fast, 400 Mbit/s processor bus for unified, real-time process communication. This highly parallel, hard real-time architecture equals the functionality of a real-time operating system (RTOS) and provides respective, extremely reliable benefits on “bare metal”.

Technology: The best of both worlds

^SOMANET SoC Positioning

Seamless prototype to mass product

Rapidly start building your prototype and enter an initial small series with SOMANET Servo Nodes and seamlessly move over to your custom and application-optimized series design using SOMANET Servo Cores.

Synapticon Custom Design Services

Synapticon’s Custom Design Services are there to carry out custom servo drive developments based on SOMANET Servo Cores and SOMANET Servo Node circuitry for you, fast and efficiently. High-volume customers have the option to perform the design and/or production of custom SOMANET servo drives in-house with own resources: SOMANET hardware and software source files are being made available to such clients and SOMANET Servo Cores are supplied to their in-house production.

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