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Synapticon’s magnetic encoder series features high resolution and high speed, dramatically reducing complexity and cost of robotic motion control position sensing solutions.

REM 16MT – Absolute, battery-free multi-turn

The REM 16MT multi-turn encoder features energy harvesting technology for battery-free multi-turn functionality. A magnetic hall effect-based sensor combined with as N/S magnet mounted on the rotating shaft serves as the main source of angle information. The position information is absolute, low-latency and  timestamped, so it is well suited both for motor commutation and positioning applications. The sensor comes with on-board signal processing, providing signal filtering functions and calibration routines. Its working principle is robust and widely resistant to external magnetic fields

REM 14 – Absolute, low-cost

The REM 14, a low-cost Magnetic Rotary Encoder, is also available for applications without multi-turn requirements.

REM 16 installed function visualized
  • Magnetic rotary encoders
  • High-resolution position encoding (16bit)
  • Multi-turn functionality (traces 4096 revolutions)
  • Energy harvesting technology for power supply-free permanent encoding
  • Configurable on-board signal filtering
  • Low-latency (< 70µs)
  • Time-stamped signal

Battery-free for a maximum life span

Powered through the magnetic field the SOMANET Encoder needs no additional battery or maintenance. The elimination of moving parts results in zero mechanical wear and a high shock and vibration resistance. The compact design is hard-wearing against dust or moisture and allows an easy installation in a normal factory environment. 

plugging in REM16

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