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MOTORCORTEX Robot Arm Control

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MOTORCORTEX Robot Arm Motion Control Suite, developed by Vectioneer, is a highly innovative, fully featured robot arm control and programming solution. The software was created in close collaboration with Synapticon from its inception. It has a focus on collaborative robotics, but can be used for any multi-axis kinematics. MOTORCORTEX is a vast standard software stack that runs on a broad range of industrial and embedded computers, and is individually configured for a given robotic product.


MOTORCORTEX all options

MotorCortex Engine

  • High-Performance Real-time Database and Parameter Server
  • Real-time Communication Middleware, with programming bindings for C++, Javascript and Python3
  • Loading and saving parameters

Robot Motion Control

  • Manual Mode
  • Automatic Mode
  • Trajectory Generator
  • Motion Command Language, with support for the following commands:
    • MOVEL; cartesian point-to-point motion with limited speed and acceleration, optional smoothing parameter for blending consecutive MOVEL commands
    • MOVEJ; joint space motion with limited speed and acceleration
    • WAIT; waits for an input or a timeout value
    • SETOUT

Robot Logic

  • Robotic Logic, Mode and State switching
  • Error handler
  • Logging

Application Programming Interface

  • Motion Command Interface
  • Data Interface
  • Python3 Client bindings and examples
  • Javascript Client bindings and examples
  • C/C++ Client bind

Robot Graphical User Interface

  • Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) Client Framework
  • GUI runs on Android or Apple Tablets (tablet not included), or laptop or desktop PCs that support Chrome version 59 or later.
  • Program Manager
  • Online Documentation
  • Teaching Interface (Manual mode operation)
  • Programming Interface (Development Environment)
  • Motion Debugger
  • 3D Visualization

Robot Task Modules

  • Palletizing App

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