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Robotic Motion Control

SOMANET is the heart of Synapticon’s Embedded Robotics Platform. The product line comprises SOMANET Servo Nodes and SOMANET Servo Cores, offering ready-to-use as well as customizable servo drive and IO components.

SOMANET servo drives, called “Servo Nodes”, are among the smallest and most efficient in the industry. This allows OEMs to reduce or entirely avoid control cabinets, as the drives move close to motors and sensors, embedded directly inside the robot arm, AGV or machine’s structure.

SOMANET provides the option to decentralize safe motion functions: Usually requiring an expensive safety PLC, with SOMANET, certified functional safety and safe motion functions are integrated into the servo drives. Serving a bleeding-edge trend in robotics for better functional safety, OEMs can significantly save production using SOMANET.

The SOMANET portfolio is completed by special encoders, OBLAC, an innovative configuration and tuning tools, as well as a MOTORCORTEX, a corresponding multi-axis motion control suite, based on EtherCAT and Linux. As SOMANET servo drives are relieving the multi-axis motion computer, this system component becomes significantly smaller and can be embedded into a robot’s base, further contributing to the decentralization of the entire motion control system. Synapticon provides recommended 3rd party embedded computers to use with its multi-axis motion software.

SOMANET Servo Drives

Compact and high-performance, decentral servo drives.

SOMANET Servo Cores

Utilize the core component of SOMANET Servo Nodes for a fast path to your custom servo drive design

SOMANET Safe Motion

Our integrated safety solution, fitting all SOMANET Servo Nodes.

SOMANET Encoders

High resolution and high speed featuring magnetic encoder series.


Commissioning and tuning tool for SOMANET Servo Drives.

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