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What is motion control?

Motion Control is basically a discipline in the automation industry that deals with the movement of parts of a machine or a robot in a controlled manner. For any application that demands accurate movement and reliability, like a robot arm or an autonomous moving robot (AMR/AGV), motion control technology is a key discipline to master its tasks successfully and safe. Especially when humans and machines work together in a confined space, it is just as important to stop the machine in a controlled manner as it is to move it. Synapticons motion control platform with all our SOMANET Servo Drives provides a broad range of SIL3 PLe certified safety and safe motion features over Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE).


Motion Control Technology

How we do it

Synapticon’s Digital Motion System expands motion intelligence, adds advanced motion controls and shifts expensive hardware functions to the software layer. 

Synapticon’s software stack is a key element, bringing cutting-edge motion intelligence, advanced controls and certified functional safety into advanced machinery and robotics applications

System IO Layer

System I/O Layer processes data from the integrated position sensor and brake eliminating additional hardware, increasing efficiency and lowering costs. Contains the lowest-level modules to interface to inverter power stage, sensors, brake and other peripheral components.

Communication Layer

The Communication Layer provides industrial-grade communication interfaces for Synapticon’s Digital Motion Platform, such as EtherCAT, FSoE and CANopen.

System Control Layer

The System Control Layer allows to combine the computation of advanced models of the physics of a drive with Digital Motion technology.

It features Synapticons Model-predictive Deadbeat Field-oriented Control Motor control technology that allows to reduce the switching frequency of the inverter, greatly benefiting efficiency and lowering heat dissipation, without compromising motion control performance. Also features adjustable control dynamics. (patent pending)

Parameter Detection helps several key motor and sensor parameters to be automatically detected. 

System Identification provides automatic characterization of the present Drive-Motor-Gearbox-Load System as input for all adaptive motion control algorithms. 

Position Sensor Calibration helps to establish automatic position sensor calibration (end-of line) for high accuracy with low cost sensor hardware.

Low-level Filterings digital filters are used to remove unwanted frequencies such as noise or resonance.

Field Weakening: the velocity range of electric motors can be extended by dynamically weakening the magnetic field of the rotor.

Motion Control Layer

The Motion Control Layer improves quality and performance in software through Compensation & Filtering Algorithms. It contains highly dynamic cascading control loops and several algorithms that eliminate cogging, backlash, stick/slip or non linearity – common problems with cheaper gearboxes and motors.
Every control loop and nearly every adaptive algorithm needs to be tuned to perfectly work with the given system. Autotuning automates these otherwise very time-intensive manual tasks.

Functional Safety Layer

Functional safety layer supporting network-based safety data transfer through single cable (FSOE) creating highest functional safety at SIL3 PL-e level.

Application Safety
Support for the safety-demanding use cases, often implemented in the multi-axis motion control unit or PLC.

Communication Safety
Fail-safe communication support utilizing black-channel principles, allowing to reduce additional wiring for functional safety.

I/O Safety
Ensuring safe interfacing to safety-critical sensors such as position encoders or proximity detectors (safety skins), implementing safe redundancies to allow for utilization of non-safety-certified low-cost sensor without compromising safety performance.

Power Safety
Fundamental features to control or cut off inverter power safely.

Motion Safety
Elaborate range of safe motion features such as safely limited speed (SLS), position (SP, SLP), torque (SLT), stop functions (SOS, SS1, SS2) and safe brake control and test (SBC, SBT).



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