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Core modules are the heart of every SOMANET node. The C22 Core module features 2 interconnected dual-core XMOS XS1-L16-128 processors. Having the huge computational resources of 32 deterministic real-time hardware threads, it is used in system positions where a plus of computational resources is required. This is the case where network type link interfaces shall be added to the system or where a majority of application software shall be run, such as inverse kinematics for a mechanical subsystem. This is usually required at the trunk of a Composite SOMANET Node.

A SOMANET Core is needed in any SOMANET based motion solution.

Applications for the SOMANE Core C2X include for example:

  • Traditional Robotic Arms
  • Collaborative Robotic Arms
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Service Robots
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Special Machinery

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Zusätzliche Information
Number of 32-bit processor cores4
Number of real-time hardware threads (total / per core)32 / 8
Core clock frequency500 MHZ
Million instructions per second1000 MIPS
Maximum clock frequency usable by single thread125 MHz
Minimum guaranteed clock frequency per thread62,5 MHz
Maximum inter-core bus speed244 Mbit/s
Typical power consumption700 mW
Distributed SRAM size4x 64 kByte
Flash memory size4 Mbit
Supply voltage5 V DC
On-board voltage regulators3.3, 1.0 V DC
Auxiliary supply option availableYes (Molex Flexi-Mate)
Gewicht20 g
Größe30 × 30 × 9.8 mm
Hardware Status

End of Life