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SOMANET Safe Motion Module

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The SOMANET Safe Motion Module provides the following functional safety functions according to IEC 60204 and 61800:

  • STO Safe Torque Off
  • SS1 Safe Stop 1
  • SS2 Safe Stop 2
  • SBC Safe Brake Control
  • SBT Safe Brake Test
  • SOS Safe Operating Stop
  • SLS Safe Limited Speed
  • SLT Safe Limited Torque
  • SLP Safely Limited Position
  • SMS Safe Maximum Speed
  • SMT Safe Maximum Torque
  • SP Safe position
  • ST Safe Torque

In conjunction with SOMANET Com EtherCAT, this module also provides FSoE (Fail-safe over EtherCAT) communication. Safe encoder inputs, analog inputs and safe digital IOs enable additional safety features.

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