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SOMANET Drive 5000

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The SOMANET Drive 5000 drives one permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM, BLDC) up to 4800 Watt nominal power and can be also be used to drive a brushed DC motor of the same wattage.

SOMANET Modules: Meet the most powerful embedded robotic control system platform.

  • Highly efficient model-predictive, field-oriented motor control software with advanced compensation of unwanted physical effects in drive (e.g. cogging) through SOMANET Core modules
  • EtherCAT or Ethernet communication (Profinet, SERCOS III, CAN, RS-485, WiFi and Bluetooth available on demand) through SOMANET Com modules
  • DS402 position, speed and torque/current control loops through SOMANET Core modules
  • High-res, high-speed ADCs for precise current and voltage measurements
  • Advanced protection circuitry
  • Control feedback through encoders and additional sensors via Hall, QEI/ABI/ABC (RS-422), BiSS-C (RS-485), SSI, SPI, I2C and analog interfaces

Applications for the SOMANET Drive include for example:

  • Traditional Robotic Arms
  • Collaborative Robotic Arms
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Service Robots
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Special Machinery
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Additional information
Number of PMSM (BLDC) / brushed DC motors1 / 1
Supply voltage nominal / max24 - 48 / 60 V DC
Rated input current100 A
Maximum Continuous phase current125 A RMS
Rated continuous output power4800 W
Position feedback sensor support (2 ports)Hall, Incremental Encoder (QEI, ABI, ABC), BiSS-C, SSI, SPI
Analog inputs (auxiliary)4 × configurable (0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 V, ±5 V, ±10 V)
Digital inputs6 × GPIO / SPI / I²C
Auxiliary power outputSwitchable 12 V @ 3 A
Weight100 g
Dimensions100 × 85 × 25 mm
Hardware Status