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System Kit for industrial robots

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Product bundle that ships complete with all needed software and hardware to control your industrial robot arm.

Included in all bundles are the following products:

To determine which servo drive and how many you need, please tell us how many axis and which power option your robot arm needs:

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With this industrial robot motion kit you will get everything that you need to control your robot: Servo drives, cables, braking chopper boards, Setup and commissioning software and hardware,  motion control software and hardware.

For your industrial robot you will get SOMANET Node Servo Drives.

SOMANET Node series is a family of ultra-compact, super-efficient and high-performance servo drives that support all PMSM / Synchronous AC / BLDC motors up to 60V and 100A / 66Arms and feature an EtherCAT interface with CiA DS 402 protocol.

All functions of the SOMANET Node series can be configured and tuned with OBLAC Tools, a simple to use yet powerful commissioning and motion tuning tool suite.

SOMANET Node Safety features TÜV-certified STO and SBC functions at SIL3 PLe level.