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MOTORCORTEX Core and Core Pro provide a hard-realtime platform and software libraries on which advanced control applications can be built.

Create your own Web Interface with MOTORCORTEX GRID and plot real-time data in MOTORCORTEX Desk. Or interface your own application with the Open Source MOTORCOREX Client Libraries for Javascript, Python and C++.

MOTORCORTEX Robot is a complete application suite for any type of robot. Both Serial Mechanisms (e.g. Anthropomorphic, Scara) as well as Parallel Mechanisms (Hexapods, Delta-robots) are supported. Features include:

  • Path planning (cartesian motion, joint motion)
  • Forward and inverse Kinematics and Dynamics
  • Motion Programming Language (move commands, set , get , math operators, unlimited variables, flow control (loop, if), triggers)
  • User interface (browser-based), so it can run on any modern multi-touch tablet or laptop
  • Manual Control (Smooth Jogging)
  • Compliance mode (for suitable robot hardware)
  • Collision Detection
  • Moving Reference Frames (for operation on for instance a conveyor belt)
  • Toolchanging
  • Palletizing Wizard
  • Motorcortex open data interface (all robot internal data is available through API)
  • Data Streaming interface (option), to stream setpoint data in realtime to the robot

For providing MOTORCORTEX, Synapticon partners with Vectioneer, specialists in highly dynamic motion control software. Vectioneer are the developers of MOTORCORTEX. Based on the request of Synapticon, Vectioneer started the addition of MOTORCORTEX Robot and today both companies are closely collaborating on the further development and on providing the software to the market in partnership.

  • Communicates directly to a web browser
  • Provides multi-axis control for any drive system (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic)
  • Easy to integrate with any EtherCAT device
  • Works in conjunction with EtherCAT based Functional Safety Systems

Vectioneer Hard-Linux

A Linux Distribution that is geared towards real-time embedded systems. It has the MOTORCORTEX-Core library, EtherCAT drivers and MOTORCORTEX-Desk already installed. The system already has everything on-board to start development of control systems, such as a build-system (cmake) and a compiler. For advanced development Vectioneer provides an SDK and plugin for CLion that supports cross-compilation and deployment to the target system. The system also supports running inside a virtual machine, although in that case it is not hard-realtime. This is useful for testing the control system and running the controls without having access to the machine hardware.


The basis of any MOTORCORTEX based control application. It provides an application framework for real-time control systems. It supports multiple real-time and non-realtime tasks in the same system and reliable communication between tasks, even across CPUs. It is especially designed to be scalable and to use modern multi-core architectures to their full potential. It supports Intel as well as ARM architectures. Non-commercial license.


The same as MOTORCORTEX-Core but with added secure communication and warranty and support. Commercial license.


A control systems library that has many control blocks such as filters, limiters, PID controllers, lookup tables, and complete control loops for hydraulic and electrical systems.


A library to build control applications for robotic systems and an user interface application to operate and program robots visually. It includes forward and inverse kinematics and dynamics for serial and parallel robots, 6DOF trajectory generation, a motion command language (joint motion, cartesian motion), and more.


An on-line tool to build graphical user interfaces for the web browser. The user interfaces can be downloaded and installed on the controller.


A browser based tracing and plotting tool. It allows plotting signals and modifying system parameters. It also has functionality to record and export data.

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