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Heidrive HMDi (ACTILINK-I Class)

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Synapticon ACTILINK-I Axis Class of Integrated Servo Motors bring the benefits of Synapticon’s Node extra low voltage servo drives into a ready-to-use component for advanced machine builders. Highest efficiency and high torque density fill a gap in the current world of integrated servo motors.

Heidrive’s HMDi series features premium, high-performance servo motors at 24 or 48V with 60 and 80mm flange size. The product line is offered as a complete system comprising the integrated motors itself, various gearing options and cabling.

Advanced motion control features from the context of robotic applications make ACTILINK-I an option for ambitious applications.
The integrated motors are compatible with any EtherCAT controller or PLC that supports the CiA402 profile. ACTILINK is offered as a complete system solution comprising of various motor and encoder specifications, cabling and a wide range of planetary gears.

    • Communication via EtherCAT
    • Certified Safety functions STO and SBC(SIL 3 / PL e / Cat.3) available
    • Encoder options absolute single-turn and multi-turn
    • Optional brake
    • IP rating IP65

      • Special Machinery
      • 2D & 3D Printing
      • Semiconductor Manufacturing
      • Electronics Assembly
      • Packaging
      • Logistics / AGV
      • Food & Beverage
      • Textile


Different torque and speed ratings as well as several feature sets (encoders, brakes) are available. The following table specifies a few example configurations.

Technical Information about Heidrive HMDI Motor with Synapticon SOMANET Technology inside