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Synapticon at Hannover FAIR 2023

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Synapticon and Partners Present Innovative Solutions for Collaborative Robotics at Hannover Messe 2023

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Cobots are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by working with humans to complete various tasks, leading to greater efficiency and productivity. However, safety concerns related to cobots remain a major challenge. To address these concerns, Synapticon GmbH, a leading expert in Integrated Motion, has partnered with NexCOBOT and Fraunhofer IWU to present a new functional safety solution for cobots at Hannover Messe 2023 that are both safer and significantly easier to use.

In Hall 9, Booth H19, from April 17-21, the collaboration demonstrates how solutions for collaborative robotics can be realized with significantly fewer components and less wiring, resulting in simplified development, leaner and easier usablity.

Cobots and Safety

Cobots require functional safety, especially when operating in environments where mobile robots and human workers cross paths. FSoE technology, or Fieldbus Safety over EtherCAT, enables easy integration of reliable safety functions, such as safe limited speed (SLS), safe limited position (SLP), safe stop 1 (SS1) and safe stop 2 (SS2). Without FSoE, a large number of cables and I/Os are required to integrate safety functions.

Synapticon was one of the first vendors in Integrated Motion to implement and certify FSoE as a standard off-the-shelf product. NexCOBOT is working with Synapticon to bring its ROBASafe solution for collaborative control of cobots to market. NexCOBOT’s SCB100 Robot Safety Controller serves as an EtherCAT slave device connected via FSoE to SOMANET Circulo servo drives, enabling precise and safe SIL3 PL e level motion functions.

SOMANET Circulo is the ideal all-in-one fully certified servo solution for fully integrated hollow shaft drives mainly used in robot arms with zero-chain wiring. Compact and efficient, with powerful distributed servo drives, OEMs such as robot manufacturers and machine builders can use Synapticon’s advanced motion control technology to develop better products in less time and with optimized costs. The optional Safe Motion module for SOMANET Circulo enables certified safe motion functions with FSoE.

In summary, the collaboration between Synapticon, NexCOBOT and Fraunhofer IWU aims to present a new innovative solution for cobots at Hannover Messe 2023 with safety and simplicity in mind. Through their advanced technology, they hope to define the future of true human-robot collaboration with breakthrough innovations and all-in-one integration.

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