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TÜV Süd certificate for safety functions STO and SBC now covers all SOMANET Servo Drives.

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Safety for robots
TÜV Süd has now also certified the STO/SBC functions for SOMANET Circulo. The safety architecture was already certified in 2019 and the new release now covers both products: SOMANET Node and SOMANET Circulo.

The safety parameters allow for safety critical applications up to PL e or SIL 3. The  safety functions are integrated as a pure hardware solution and allow directly integrating the servo drives in a safety system.

STO (Safe Torque Off) 

This basic safety function prevents the creation of torque in the motor and enables an uncontrolled stop in accordance with stop category 0 of IEC 60204-1.

SBC (Safe Brake Control)

When an axis is under load or affected by gravity, STO can lead to dangerous situations since no torque is preventing the axis from moving.

For such cases, a safe brake signal is required. Since the brakes are spring-activated (to prevent motion in an unpowered system) the voltage that pulls the brake open is provided safely when SOMANET Circulo or SOMANET Node Safety are used.

Daisy Chaining with EtherCat
Daisy Chaining with EtherCat

For SOMANET Circulo the safety inputs are now incorporated into the communication connector so that Daisy Chaining the safety lines is possible alongside the EtherCAT connections. Learn more about “Daisy Chaining” possibilities of Circulo here.

Stay tuned for what comes next: full Safe Motion capabilities and Fail Safe EtherCAT will come to Circulo during this year.

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