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Startup Takes up Speed –
Tailwind for Robotics-Expert Synapticon by Increase in Capital Stock

Stuttgart, Germany, 22nd February 2017 – Seven years after its founding, Synapticon GmbH is taking the next big step forward. The young technology company today announced an important increase in capital stock. The developer and manufacturer of embedded technology for robot control systems has grown rapidly in the past two years, mainly due to a massive increase in demand from Asia.

With 7 Industries, a family office with a long-term partnership strategy in industrial companies, Synapticon gained an internationally renowned investor as its leading supporter. In addition, a globally operating, leading machinery company from the Stuttgart region took part, creating good synergies for Synapticon.

Two investors of the first hour will continue their financial support for the robotics company: HTGF High-Tech Gründerfonds and MBG Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg also support Synapticon GmbH in the capital increase, which in total sums up to a high single-digit million Euro amount.

“Demand has exploded over the past two years. We benefit from the trend towards automation and robotics, especially in Asia. We succeeded in gaining important key customers around the world,” says Nikolai Ensslen, founder and CEO of Synapticon. “Many manufacturers of robots and similar machines have developed products based on our control and drive systems. These are now gradually going into series production, which means that we now have to increase our resources sustainably.”

As a developer and manufacturer of specialized embedded technology, Synapticon provides the foundation for advanced robotic control systems. The scope of applications includes mobile robotic systems, collaborative industrial robots, but also robotic products for the end consumer market.

“Synapticon has developed a highly innovative distributed control system on a chip, allowing simpler motion control, and real time integration of multiple sensors input. We believe in the potential of Synapticon to strongly influence the industry with this unique electronic nerve system” says Henri Mrejen of 7 Industries.

Synapticon will invest the fresh capital primarily in new employees and locations. The company would like to further expand its R&D, sales and support activities, and considers a location in China. This is of strategic importance since the world market for industrial robots, which is to grow by more than 100% by 2020, is rapidly developing, especially in Asia.

“We are proud to be able to actively support the entrepreneurs behind the success story of Synapticon. Since the seed funding in 2012, from a vision has evolved a profitable company and a technology that can be the foundation for a whole industry,” said Benjamin Erhart, investment director at High-Tech Gründerfonds. “The decision to support the capital increase has been easy for us.”

In order to present its new developments to the broadest possible audience, Synapticon will be represented at several leading international trade fairs in 2017. At the Embedded World in March and at the Hannover Messe Industrie in April, the company will present a first outlook, of its new product range.

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About Synapticon

Synapticon GmbH, established 2010 in Gruibingen, Germany, is a young embedded systems company based in the region of Stuttgart and Silicon Valley. The company specializes in hardware and software for sensor and actuator-intensive, connected systems. Customers benefit from Synapticon´s cross-domain expertise through flexible, powerful products and turn-key solutions for robotics, autonomous systems, smart industrial automation, special machinery and the Internet of Things. The Synapticon platform comprises the vertical product lines SOMANET and OBLAC. It enables developers of robotic control systems to easily configure, build and program distributed control systems with fully integrated actuator control, sensor data acquisition and data processing.

Synapticon has grown organically in recent years. The company now has:

  • 47 employees, of which more than two thirds are engineers
  • a new headquarter in Germany, which has recently been significantly expanded
  • a subsidiary in Silicon Valley
  • development and product partnerships with several international companies
  • a broad portfolio of products, solutions and services

Further information: www.synapticon.com

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